How to get there

-If you follow your GPS: 36°54’328″ N – 3°26’169″ W

-If you come from Granada: 51km

  • Taking the A44 it is 51km.
  • On the A44 you take exit 164 Lanjarón – La Alpujarra. You pass Lanjarón and at 2 k. from Órgiva you arrive at Las Barreras, where you take the Helios’s entrance on your left hand side. Watch the video.

-If you come from Málaga Airport, there are two possibilities: 135km

  • taking the A7/E15 (motorway along the coast) it is 135km.
  • taking the A92 (via Granada) it is 184 km. Sometimes this route is recommendable in summertime when traffic is very heavy along the coast.

-If you come from Almería Airport: 160km

  • taking the A7 (direction Málaga) you get passed Motril and you head towards Granada on the A44 (Attention! Google maps recommends taking the road to Albuñol but normally this takes longer).

Both coming from Málaga and Almería, heading towards Granada on the A44 you take exit 175 Órgiva – Las Alpujarras. You pass the village of Órgiva and take the A348 to Lanjarón. 2 k. out of Órgiva you reach the entrance of Helios on your right hand side. Watch the video.

From Málaga/Almería across Órgiva

From Granada across Lanjarón

Where are we?

Helios s/n, Las Barreras, 18400 Órgiva, Granada.

Champasak is situated in Las Barreras, at 2k. from Órgiva, centre of the Alpujarras in Granada province. The house has easy access and is positioned at less than 100m from the A348, the road connecting Lanjarón with Órgiva.

Impressive surroundings guaranteed, at only 51k. south of Granada, 40k. from the Costa Tropical’s beaches and at a one hour-drive to Sierra Nevada’s ski station.

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